Water Softeners

water softeners in PhoenixHard water is a fact of life in Phoenix, so choosing the right water softener system for your home is a lot like picking out the right address – if you do it right, you’ll be happy forever.

Many people are confused by the concept of hard water and its impact on their lives and their homes. The first thing you’ll probably notice if you have hard water – and if you live in the Phoenix area that soap doesn’t lather like it should. You don’t get good bubbles in your bubble bath and the water looks grey and murky, you seem to be using a lot of shampoo to get the lather you want and you feel itchy after a shower and your skin is all dried out.

Even if you adjust to that as just the price you pay for living in Phoenix, you’ll eventually start to notice other issues. There will be spots on your tile, requiring lots of scrubbing or harsh chemicals to get rid of, and then you’ll start to notice that you’re getting less water flow from your showerhead as lime scale starts to close over the openings. That hard water buildup is in your pipes and fixtures, harming your plumbing.

So maybe it’s time to think about getting a water softener.  It helps soap start working better again and makes you feel cleaner. It can even stop the buildup of lime and soap deposits in your plumbing and on the bathroom tile.

But what does a water softener actually do?

The objective of a water softener is to remove the calcium and magnesium that are making your water hard. Usually, this hardness is often picked up when the water flows over limestone or other calcium rich rock. Since most of Phoenix’s water flows down out of the mountains to reach the city, it goes over a lot of calcium-rich rock along the way.

The most common traditional water softeners use various forms of salt to change the chemical composition of the water, making it more receptive to mixing with soap and preventing those scaly hard water deposits. It takes a relatively small amount of sodium to replace the calcium and magnesium ions and fix the problem.  Most people opt for a whole house water softener, but people with extreme concerns about sodium in their diet may opt to use potassium instead.

Adding a whole house water softener to your Phoenix home is an investment in not only maintaining your home, but also adds a selling point if you decide you are ready to sell your home. Unlike many home improvement projects, if you want, you can always remove the system and take it with you to your new home.

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