Water Heaters

phoenix water heaterIt’s funny that water heaters are often referred to inaccurately as “hot water heaters”. These are some of the most basic appliances you can have in your home, but for Phoenix residents they can also be the appliances that give them the most trouble. It is not the fault of the water heater, but of the water in Phoenix, which is hard and full of impurities. You can understand how this might impact your water heater by learning about the process of heating water.

Upward Flow

If you look at your Phoenix water heater you will notice there are pipes connected at the top where the cold water enters on the right and hot water is delivered to the home out of the pipe on the left. The cold connection on the right actually has a tube inside the water heater that sends the cold water to the bottom making hot water go out through the pipe on the top. The reason is basic science. Heat rises. As long as the water heater is working properly, the hot water will always be at the top of the tank and the cold will always be at the bottom. Keep in mind that as you use the hot water, the entire plumbing system in the home is pressurized in such a way as to keep the tank full, so cold water replaces the hot water whenever you open a hot water faucet.

Heating Process

As the cold water flows into the electric water heater, there is a heating element it comes into contact with. The thermostat on your water heater tells the heating element when to turn on. This happens when the cold water coming into the water heater lowers the temperature enough to warrant more heat being applied. The problem is that Phoenix water heaters often struggle because of the hard water and impurities that are found in the local water supply. The heating element becomes corroded, as do other areas of Phoenix water heaters. As a result, they have a limited life span and will eventually stop working correctly.


Because Phoenix has such a water problem, the water system has to be addressed as a whole. You can keep replacing the heating elements in your water heaters in Phoenix, but be aware it is also causing issues with other fixtures in your home such as your faucets. Eventually your faucets, any appliances that use water, and all other areas of your plumbing system are going to be affected as well. Rather than continuously cleaning or replacing parts of your washer, refrigerator, faucets, and water heater, you should consider installing items that solve the problem once and for all.

Depending on your needs, a reverse osmosis system or a water softener can turn your water from debris filled and undrinkable to pure, clean water that won’t ruin your plumbing system. This is by far the best solution to Phoenix water problems in your home.

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