Reverse Osmosis Systems

reverse osmosisIf your Phoenix home has water that you just can’t stand to drink, maybe it’s time to consider a reverse osmosis system instead.

Osmosis, as most people learn in high school biology, is the process of water passing through a membrane from where there is a low concentration of dissolved solids to where there is a higher concentration. Reverse osmosis is the opposite, it uses water pressure to push water with contaminants through a membrane with perfectly sized openings for just pure water molecules leaving behind the impurities that were in the water that you didn’t want.

In Phoenix homes where the water is nasty, the process is meant to generate extra pure and delicious water, leaving behind the chlorine, calcium, magnesium and other contaminants that make water taste bad.

The process of reverse osmosis is used in desalinating sea water to make it drinkable and is even part of the process of refining maple syrup. At large scale water treatment plants it can be used to remove radium and other potentially harmful minerals from water before it becomes part of a city’s water supply. But Phoenix, and the rest of the country, does not consider hard water to be harmful, at least not to human health. However, the calcium in the tap water is not in an organic form that can benefit a person’s health, the kidneys actually have to filter it out and this calcium may contribute to getting kidney stones.

The benefits for Phoenix homeowners of installing a reverse osmosis system are that the water is healthier and tastes better, which means that your family will actually drink much more water which is so important, especially in the desert.

The other primary factor to consider when deciding which system to choose is why you are considering the water treatment system. If the issue is maintaining your plumbing and getting better results when washing yourself or your clothes, a whole house water softener is the best option. If you are looking for better tasting – water and ice that is clear then reverse osmosis is the answer.

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