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Water Heaters

Bring you clean hot water right when you need it day in and day out.

Water Softeners

Remove hard water which is a huge problem in the Phoenix, win the water battle.

Reverse Osmosis

One of the best ways to filter your water to remove harmful contaminants.

American Home Water has been making residential water improvements for customers in the Phoenix area for over 25 years. During that time, over 50,000 units have been installed. We rely on word of mouth more than a large advertising budget so that we can keep costs low.

Water heaters

Over the years, Phoenix water heaters have demonstrated time and time again why water filtration and conditioning is so important in the Phoenix area. Phoenix water heaters have an issue unique compared to other parts of the country. The hard water in the area contains so many impurities that Phoenix water heaters constantly suffer from the damages that these impurities cause. Things like corroded heating elements that have to be replaced over and over are common issues in this area.

Phoenix is known for its hard water that has a poor taste. Hard water on its own is destructive enough, but when you add in all the impurities that are not filtered out, it leads to disaster for your water heater. Since the water sits in the Phoenix water heaters and is subject to constant high temperatures, this is the appliance that tends to suffer the most. However, you can eventually see issues not just in your water heater, but your faucets and other appliances as well.

Sometimes replacing the heating element is not enough and you have to replace the entire water heater. We like to reduce our customer’s expense in the future by installing conditioning and filtration systems that can help your water become drinkable and non-destructive to your appliances that deal with water. We won’t pressure you into buying anything you don’t want, but we will leave you with enough information to make an educated decision.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

When you want to spare your body from the impurities that comes from drinking Phoenix water, Phoenix reverse osmosis systems are the best solution. Phoenix reverse osmosis systems use a combination of water pressure and membranes to turn your debris filled water into drinkable water. Reverse osmosis systems were originally designed to filter fresh water from salt water, but have been quite effective in every day residential applications as well. In fact, it is almost impossible for most people to drink the water on a normal basis in the Phoenix area without Phoenix reverse osmosis systems in place.

Water Softeners

With the hard water problem that Phoenix residents experience, Phoenix water softeners are a must for most homeowners. Phoenix water softeners condition the water so that it is usable and the potential damage to the other appliances can be reduced. Without Phoenix water softeners, the water can damage appliances and leave hair, skin, and clothes with a film of calcium. However, not all Phoenix water softeners and installation companies are the same. We use only the most trusted brands, never subcontract the installation work, and back our work with a free parts and labor warranty.

Whether you need Phoenix water heaters, Phoenix reverse osmosis systems, or Phoenix water softeners, we can help you. Our methods reduce damage to appliances and help you enjoy your water to its fullest potential. Our water filtration products pay for themselves and are one of the best investments you can make for your home and family.


50 Gallon Electric Phoenix Water Heaters – $549 (includes sales tax) installed

Phoenix Water Softeners – from $770 (includes sales tax) installed w. 5 year FULL parts and labor

Phoenix Reverse Osmosis Systems – from $189 (includes sales tax) installed

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